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The Crypto Research Service Averaging Nearly 200% Gains

For folks who are unaware, I run a cryptocurrency-focused research advisory called Crypto Investor Network with legendary early Bitcoin investor Charlie Shrem.

Together, we’ve created a blockbuster portfolio of crypto picks that, in less than a year, has an average return of 174% per pick.

Yes. You read that right. Our crypto picks have risen, on average, by 174% in under a year.

And get this… just a month ago, we introduced a brand-new cryptocurrency pick into that portfolio that we think could be our biggest winner yet… and it’s already up 130%.

Again. You read that right. A 130% gain in just a month – and we think it’s got a lot further to run.

Our rationale is two-fold.

One, this may be the best crypto in the market. It is an altcoin that could disintermediate the multi-hundred-billion-dollar global telecom industry and which could replace Verizon. Big deal.

Two, the whole cryptocurrency market could be in the early stages of a huge breakout similar to 2013, 2017, and 2020.

Here’s the story…

The Fed may have spooked the stock market last week with its tapering talk, but the crypto market continued to surge higher through it all. That’s impressive. As stocks dropped, Bitcoin broke above $47,000, and altcoins shot up by even more.

Importantly, all the pieces are falling into place: the charts look great, the sentiment is very bullish, the fundamentals have always been strong, the valuations are tangible, and the prices have room to run with many coins still well off their early 2021 highs.

In other words, everything looks great right now.

It increasingly looks like this crypto rally is the real deal, and that we could be in the early innings of a huge breakout like we saw in 2013, 2017, or 2020.

Helping this rally could be the fact that risk-appetites in the stock market have been drowned out by the Fed, and all that risk-seeking money is moving into the crypto market. We suspect this shift of risk-seeking funds into the crypto world will persist at least into September, when the Fed is expected to announcing a tapering plan.

Until then, we see green shoots ahead for the crypto market.

What’s the investment implication?

If you missed out on cryptos in 2013… and again in 2017… and again in 2020… this is your time to shine.

The crypto markets are the markets that keep on giving. And now, it’s time for you to accept the invitation and start making big money in the next breakout cryptos.

Click here to gain access to a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that has averaged nearly 200% gains over the past year.

You won’t find a better return anywhere else. Your path to financial freedom starts now.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.